Eleven songs, eleven stories

I wish you a marvelous journey in the space where sail my songs !

For now, you can listen to them in French, but they will eventually be recorded in English.

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This Heart of mineLyrics

Deep down, in the heart of hearts of human beings, there is often an incessant inner struggle between the reason and the heart; the tyranny of one or the other poisons the existence and hinders the equilibrium.


War MakersLyrics

For certain people, wars are an investment, no more no less; an investment which brings them not only fortune and power but also an enviable and social reputation perceived as honourable.

Smoker’s RitualLyrics

To open a pack of cigarettes, to extract one from it, to light it, to inhale the smoke and to exhale it ! To disguise oneself as a chimney, what a strangeness !

A School MemoryLyrics

Is there something more painful than an impossible love ? Some recover from it, and others do not. What if, recovering from it, was only a matter of self-esteem ?

Red and Blue

How to consoler her ?Lyrics

To feel powerless in helping someone we love can be quite painful. However, it is necessary to move on unceasingly, knowing that inevitably, in human life as in a forest, there is always a clearing bringing back the light !

I feel so light !Lyrics

What if I were the victim of a psychopath killer ? This unusual question has been the starting point of this song. Most scientists claim that, with death comes the end; I prefer thinking that it is a passage.

In my CanoeLyrics

What a good feeling it is to glide on water ! What a delight it is to let Nature’s strength and beauties penetrate me ! What a good feeling it is to forget, for a while, all that which takes me away from it.

The Stranger of the StationLyrics

Ah ! The imagination ! How far can it make us travel ?

The Animals flee !Lyrics

According to a raccoon, a friend of mine, the Animals are leaving ! Where to ? I don’t know ! What will we do ? Oppressive question !


Is it easier to leave or to stay behind ? It doesn’t matter much, the pain is ubiquitous.

We’re talking about…Lyrics

We are going to love each other ! We are going to make peace reign in the world ! We are going to offer freedom to all mankind ! Thanks to progress, we are going to be happy ! Of course we are, but when ?