A word from the artist

My Story

Born in a house of a small village of  « La Vallée de la Matapédia » in the province of Québec, I lived most of my childhood and all of my teenage years in Abitibi, in the Northwest of the province. Later on, I lived in various regions of the province.

I have now been living for several years in the Ottawa Valley.

Where will I be tomorrow ?  The surprise will be mine to discover !

I realized that I could write songs when a friend from college lent me his guitar.  Spontaneously, I put lyrics to the melodies that l composed.

Conveying stories in song was and still is very natural to me.

Today, I feel privileged to be able to practice an art which enables me to summarize a whole life in some stanzas and a refrain, to depict emotions, or to embroider in a song my many perceptions of a specific moment.

This first album is the result of several years of work.  It is also, the starting point of musical projects to come.